Terms and Conditions

This agreement governs your use of T-pie site and service, including all orders made or processed for products or services in connection with the site and service. T-pie provides you to customise, on-demand printing, sales, and other related services , are the parties to this agreement , T-pie may change these terms from time to time. If made changes to these terms, you will be notified and asked to accept the new terms as a condition of continuing to use site and service. If you disagree with any amendments, you must stop using site and service

T-pie grants you a limited, revocable license to access and use the site and service for its intended purpose: the provision of an online solution. You may only use the site and service according to T-pie terms, rules, and guidelines found on its site.


By placing an order using T-pie site and service, a customer makes a binding offer for a contract of sale or, as the case may be, a contract for work and materials (no contract exists between the customer and any applicable shop owner). T-pie sends an order confirmation to the customer. The order confirmation is not an acceptance of the offer, but only acknowledges that the order was received. The offer is only accepted when T-pie confirms that production has completed through a means of communication . T-pie cannot guarantee the continued availability of any products or designs found on its site. T-pie reserves the right to reject orders for any reason or no reason. If T-pie rejects an order, it will notify the customer


T-pie warrants that it will ship orders within three weeks after orders are placed. Normally, goods are shipped within a few days and typical delivery times are 2-4 days, Customers and T-pie may separately agree to more specific delivery times and terms in a separate writing or agreement (such as a request for express shipping).


All prices found on T-pie site are final, and may change from time to time. Pricing and handling are billed and shown separately at checkout (or on invoices, if applicable). The delivery address and order amount may affect certain costs, and sales taxes may apply to some orders.


In no event will the company or it's representatives be liable for any damages, arising out of or related to misuse of personal information of the customer and the customer is solely liable for such acts and they are advised not to share their confidential information like password, otp, credit/debit card expiry and cvv with anyone even though they claim to be a T-pie employee. none of our employee will ask for such confidential information.


You use T-pie site and service at your own risk. T-pie provides its site and service without any express or implied warranties .T-pie is not responsible for the actions, content, information, or data of third parties. You release us, our directors, officers, employees, and agents from any claims and damages, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with any claim you have against T-pie or any related third parties.